Nothing can add to the life of a party or night out like Karaoke. You are "The Star" when you are the karaoke singer.  The Sound Guy offers a 10,000+ Karaoke song library, and with our mobile Karaoke system, we can setup anywhere and have you and your guests singing the night away.

KJ Neal brings everything you need for a memorable night of Karaoke - the microphones, projector, screens and a complete Karaoke library with oldies, classics, and new titles for you and your guests to experience the thrill of "being the Star".

You can even download and review the Karaoke songbook (the free Adobe Reader required) with all the songs that will be available at your event.  Don't just take my word for it - see what songs are available when you book The Sound Guy for your Karaoke entertainment.

We are available for birthday's, corporate events, receptions or anywhere else Karaoke entertainment is desired.  We provide Karaoke for weekly events in the greater Atlanta area.  If you would like Karaoke, we can be there for you.

When you consider any Karaoke entertainer, be sure they are insured - to protect you.  Who pays if someone is injured by the entertainers gear (even if they are injured due to their own actions - like jumping on top of the subwoofer cabinets, slipping and falling off and breaking their arm).   What if the injured person does not have insurance?  Who pays the bills then?  Probably you as the host of the party.  The liability insurance carried by The Sound Guy would protect you in this type of claim.  Any entertainer should be able to show you a proof of insurance at your request.  I can show you the proof for The Sound Guy's insurance.  You should always ask for a proof of insurance from any entertainer you hire.

Rules of Karaoke Performances

1.  Have as much fun as you can.

2.  Our computerized system will keep track of your song in the rotation and move each singer up in the rotation as other singers complete their song.  New singers will be added to the bottom of the rotation.  After you sing, you can request another song to be added to the rotation (only one song per singer at a time in the rotation).
3.  If you are not in the Karaoke area when your song comes up in the rotation, you will be dropped from the rotation.
4.  The host may sing during the rotation, and is available for duets if requested.
5.  Our system can change the key and/or the tempo of the song.  If you need either of these changed, just ask.
6.  Tipping is allowed, but does not move you up in the rotation.
7.  Please hold the microphone so that you are singing into the top of the mic, not into the side.  Even worse is cupping the microphone (putting your hand around the head of the mic and basically singing into your hand).

8.  And the final rule - have as much fun as you can.