School Dances and Events

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As the Sound Guy, I enjoy working with schools to plan a successful school dance or event, one where the students will create memories they will have their entire life.  I have experience in elementary, middle, high school and college events, and provide music and services appropriate to the group.

Elementary Schools

In the elementary school environment, it is important to provide a structured environment of games and contests along with clean edit music that the students will know and love.  We can provide a game show setup, with trivia questions from music, current events, or interactive events and activities to keep the party going.  We provide giveaways like glow necklaces, noisemakers, with special prizes available for winners of the games.  Dance contests will keep everyone dancing trying to win boa's, LED flashing items, or other appropriate prizes.  No slow dance songs are included in Elementary events, unless the sponsor specifically asks for them.

Most Elementary school events are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.

Middle Schools

In the Middle school events, the music is becoming more important to the students, so we play more music than in the elementary school.  The music is more Top-40, Country and some of the cleaner Hip-Hop.  All selections are radio edits (meaning I play the same songs that you would hear on local mainstream radio stations like Star 94, 95.5 The Beat or 94.9 The Bull, etc).  The Sound Guy maintains a membership in Promo Only, a music service for DJ's.  This allows us to have all the new music - usually before it is even being played on the radio.  

The games and contests are appropriate for the middle school age, and there are giveaways like glow necklaces and inflatable items.  If the venue allows confetti, then confetti launches will be included.  Prizes can include coupons for food (that is being sold at the event), boa's, LED flashing items, etc.  Slow dance numbers can be included, usually only one an hour (or so).  We can include dancers to mix with the students and adults, and help teach them the dances.  Packages from 1 to 10 dancers are available.

Most Middle School events are 1 1/2 to 3 hours in length.

High Schools

High School events can include school dances, graduation parties, pep rallies and club parties.  These events are much more about making sure that everyone is having fun in a social environment.  The music is mostly top-40 and country with many of the classic party songs included.  Slow dance songs are added to the mix at the rate of about two per hour.  The songs played will be mostly radio edits (meaning they are what you would hear on mainstream radio).  With our membership in Promo Only - a music service for DJ's - we have all the new music in Top 40, Country, Hip-Hop, Christian and Dance genres.  We are able to fulfill almost any musical request at the dance.

We provide giveaways like glow necklaces, noisemakers (maracas, clappers, tambourines), gangster hats and glasses, boas and beads, and inflatable items.  Dancers and dance stages help set the dance mood, and complement the high school crowd.

Games are appropriate to the audience, and are selected with the sponsor approval.  They can include musical games, dance contests, team competitions, just about anything that you think of to do.  Prizes can include most anything the sponsor wishes to give away (iPods, iTunes cards or other gift cards even CASH - High School students always have a need for and love cash). 

High School events are typically 2-5 hours in length

The High School Prom is a special type of event, and requires a Master of Ceremonies that can create the proper environment.  Prom's normally include a much larger lighting system, dance stages, dancers, premium giveaways and the procession of the court.  The music for the prom will include slightly more slow dance numbers, and less games, more time to socialize and dance.  The Sound Guy can work with you to create the perfect atmosphere, and MC the prom in a professional yet fun filled way.


College events are all about the party. The Sound Guy comes in with prizes and giveaways and all the hot new music.  Greek parties, club events and graduation parties are just the beginning.  Contact us to plan your next big campus party.

Good dates always go quickly, so do not wait to book your entertainment from The Sound Guy.  Check availability on-line, contact us by e-mail, or call 770-557-1145 to discuss your next school event.