What We Do


We offer a diverse selection of music with over 85,000 songs to create your playlist. And if we don't have it, we'll get it for you! Our music masterminds are attentive to the crowd and ensure all guests have their moment of fun on the dance floor! We know it's more than just hitting play -- it is engaging the people you value and love to have fun together. For us that means get up and dance!

Master of Ceremonies

Our experienced and versatile MC will plan, prepare and be fully invested in your event before it even starts. Keeping the event flowing and bridging between segments of the event, our MC will ensure your audience stays engaged and having fun. He will make sure the event stays on time, the speakers feel valued, and everyone stays updated throughout the event. 

Why Choose Us

 An often overlooked aspect of any event is the potential role of a professional master of ceremonies. In addition to the obvious benefits of time management and organization, an emcee can liven up any series of presentations/announcements with enlightening introductions and witty, on the spot humor. Whether you’re entertaining thousands or presenting tedious and technical reports at a business gathering, an MC is an asset you definitely want to embrace. With Sound Guy Entertainment we are your music & MC complete package! 

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